To access a list of surveys (or start one from scratch), add /surveys to the end of the company url like

Click on a survey name to view more information or click Create to make a new survey:

Start by adding a title, link ID, status option, and starting number at a minimum. Here's an explanation of the fields:

  • Name: what you want to see the survey name as when you view the /surveys link
  • Title: the name the survey submitter sees
  • Prompt: explanation of the survey to the submitter
  • Link ID: custom name that is a backend link for qualer
  • Starting Number: when a survey is first submitted, what it's number should be. This can be the same number for every survey created.
  • Allow Anonymous: the submitter's name will not be recorded
  • Show Progress Bar: shows how far along you are in the survey

  • Status Options: first line is the default option the survey falls under. To add more options, hit enter on the keyboard and type in a new status option. If a survey could potentially be turned to a work order in the end, make sure the last status is "Complete" so when the work order is in the completed status, the survey ticket will automatically be changed to the Complete status as well. If someone should be notified when a certain status is selected, add | then the user's email address. Hint: if you want multiple people to be notified, create a distribution list at your company then put the distribution email address in the set up.
  • Confirmation Message: message right before the survey is officially submitted
  • Thank You Page Message: message when the survey is officially submitted

Click Create Questionnaire when ready.

You can always click Configure to go back into the survey setup above. To create a question, click Add Question:

The following information can be entered:

  • Title: question
  • Prompt: additional information about what the intended question is gathering (not required)
  • Response Type:
    • No response - just a readable question or informational piece
    • Number - only accepts a number
    • Decimal - only accepts a decimal
    • String - accepts numbers and letters
    • Text - only accepts letters
    • Multiselect - must input multiple options (in valid responses) that can be selected via checkboxes
    • Selector - must input multiple options (in valid responses) and only one can be selected as a response
    • Date - shows a calendar icon to select a date
    • Time - shows a time icon to select a time
    • Address - free text box
    • Email - requires an email in the format
    • Phone - requires a phone number in the format (555)555-5555
    • Login - asks the user (who is an employee in the qualer portal) to first login
    • Shipping Address and Shipping Service - see at the bottom of this article
    • File - allows file upload
    • Password - asks the user (who is an employee in the qualer portal) to enter their login password
  • Valid Responses: used for the response types multiselect and selector
  • Response is optional: user can skip the question, otherwise it is required if this checkmark is not checked
  • Show On Valid Response To: question that is being created will only show if a specific answer is chosen for a previous question (e.g. customer says the service is bad so now another question comes up that asks them to explain, otherwise the explanation question would not come up)
  • Tag: fill out as a question identifier name only if triggers are being used
  • Use Triggers: check only if a complex query is being done based on the question's answer (e.g. input asset tag then the survey will tell the user if the tag does not exist). Contact support if you'd like to learn more.
  • Back button: word that should be displayed to go to the previous question
  • Skip button: word that should be displayed to skip the question (if it is marked as optional)
  • Next button: word that should be displayed to go to the next question
  • Cancel button: word that should be displayed to cancel the survey submission

Click Add when complete.

More questions can be added by repeating the process above or by clicking the double paper icon to create a copy of the same question:

Test out the survey by clicking link under the survey title. Interchange /submit/ to /review/ in the url link to get to the review page (like The responses can be filtered by submitted date. To open a specific response, click on the blue ID number:

Click the status drop down to change it to another status option that was customized. Once the submission has been opened, the reviewer along with the date/time will be captured. 

To create a work order based on the survey submission, click Create Work Order. This will take you through the normal service request submission. There will be a hyperlink on the order the entire time to take you back to the original submission.

Users can get to the survey submission page by entering in the hyperlink of .../submit/surveyname (like For ease of access, the links to submit, setup, and review surveys can be added to various places within the qualer portal. To do so, follow this article: Operation Settings under the "Company Link" category.

Shipping Address and Shipping Service

Many of Qualer's users require the ability to generate shipping labels as part of the survey experience. We've added a response type titled 'Shipping Address' which includes fields for the surveyor to include their shipping information. We've also added the ability to include a Confirmation message and a Thank You message. If the user has defined a 'Shipping Address' and 'Shipping Service' questions then, upon completion, the survey will create a shipping label for the surveyor. 

Within your Survey Configuration page

To add a Confirmation message and/or a Thank You message

Click Configure


Define the desired message(s) in the 'Confirmation Message' and 'Thank You Page Message' field(s)

Click Update

To add a Shipping Address question

Click Add Question

On the 'Response Type' drop-down menu select Shipping Address

Click Update

To add a Shipping Service question

Click Add Question

On the 'Response Type' drop-down menu select Shipping Service

Plug in all available Shipping Services your organization offers.

Click Save

Click Update

 To Print a Shipping Label

Answer all questions in the survey

Select Generate Shipping Label and/or Send Shipping Label via Email

Click Submit

Click Download Shipping Label

The shipping label will be generated