With this feature, you are now able to add custom links to your company dashboard. This will help streamline service workflows by saving time through the ease of access for links which you may need to reach on a regular basis.


First, you will want to select "Company Link" in your "Operation Settings" within the "Administration" module.  

For here, click "Add" and the "Company Link" box will pop up.  Under Link Title enter how you would like this link to be displayed.  Hover Hint will be what shows up when your cursor hovers over the Link.  And Link URL is the link you want this link to take you to.

In the Open Link In drop down you can choose if clicking this link will load the URL on your current page on in a new tab.  And the Link Locations drop down allows you to choose where you would like this link to appear.

By selecting "Main Menu Bar", the Company Link will appear in the top bar on every page.

After adding any required links, you will see the Company Link where you have set it.  Below is an example of it assigned to your "Main Menu Bar" with the Hover Hint displaying.

All Information about the Company Link you can find in Operation Settings under the "Company Link" category.