The Service Capabilities page allows system administrators to define the types of instruments and the corresponding services offered by your company for fulfilling internal or external work orders/requests. 


To begin you will access the Service Capabilities screen by clicking "Service Capabilities" under the ADMINISTRATION module.

Selecting Service Capabilities

If you look below, you can see that the columns in the table display the variety of services that are configurable in your portal. The rows of the table display a comprehensive list of all the Instrument Categories and their sub-categories that are currently registered in the Qualer network. (NOTE: Is there a category of instrument that your company services that is missing from this list? We are constantly adding and updating our product database to meet all the needs of our customers. Let us know if a root or sub-category is missing and we will add it for you as soon as possible!) System admins should configure the appropriate service capabilities by clicking "Select Service Groups". This chart is public and will be visible internally as well as outside of your organization.

After selecting the "Select Service Groups" tab, the display will appear as shown below. If your organization specializes in centrifuges for instance, you would check the main centrifuges box on the left hand side. On the right side, you would select the services you are capable of fulfilling. 

Keep in mind, you may need to go through this process multiple times for different products / services depending on your organization's needs. 

Adding Service Capabilities

If after your initial selection you realize that your organization offers an additional service, for example, "Validation & Certification", you can update the Capabilities list by clicking "Select Service Group", selecting the relevant instrument category, selecting the new service, then pressing "Select"

Removing Service Capabilities

If you would like to remove an Instrument Category or Service Type from the list of your Capabilities, you will use the "Select Service Groups" button. Similarly to how you would select a new capability, you will select the type of instrument that you would like to remove service from, select the type of service that you are removing, and press "UnSelect." In the example below, I have Un-Selected the Preventative Maintenance Capability only for specified sub-categories.