Similarly, to be able to select a Master Template at the order level, now users will be able to select a Master Agreement at the order level. 

The master agreement should be selected automatically if the current client has only one active agreement in the current time period. 

When a Master Agreement is selected, the following things should happen: 

Primary and secondary PO are populated from the master agreement 

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The selected Master Agreement will be displayed in the header. If no agreement is selected, a clickable empty link ("---") will be displayed. Clicking on the agreement or empty link should bring up a popup with the selection of the agreements that are active (not expired) for this client. There is also an option to remove the master agreement from the order. 

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The price list for order-level charges is assigned from the first item in the master agreement 

The Pick From Assets dialog now has an additional tab "Master Agreement" that displays all assets linked to the master agreement. 

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