With this module, you are able to manage your invoices.



First, hover over SERVICE in your top navigation bar > click "Invoices & Collections" 



The module will default to "All Invoices" within the last 30 days. This range can be changed by clicking on the hyperlinked "Within 30 Days" and selecting the appropriate dates/time range. 
The filters available will be the "Product Type", "Client Filter", "Area", "Service Site", "Account Representative", and "Assignee". 


(1) & (2) 


The left-hand menu will allow you to view your invoices by Unpaid and Paid. 
Unpaid will allow the option to view invoices that are: "Not Invoiced", "Invoiced/Not Paid", "Delinquent", and “No Charge” 
Paid will allow the option to view invoices that are: "Partially Paid", "Paid in Full", and “Overpaid”. 



In the main chart, you can sort your invoices by "Order#", Client, Work Description, Invoice Date, Total Late Fee, PO Funds, or Due Status. 
Clicking the "Order#" will take you to the service order 
Clicking the Invoice Date will download the invoice 
The PDF Icon will allow you to generate and then download the invoice 



The Toolbox on the right-hand screen will allow you to download and generate bulk invoices. 




You can also export invoice details into Excel into the toolbar as well. 



You are able to bulk generate and download invoices. Select the invoices you would like to generate/download using the green checkmark. You can still filter by company or type of invoice you would like to select using the search bar in the top right or the left menu. 



Once you have your selected invoices, you can select "Download Invoices" to download the invoices onto your computer or "Generate Invoices" to generate invoices within the invoice work order on Qualer. 




The generated invoice will be available through the PDF icon under the invoice column