Work Items Module

As the vendor, the Work Items page will now allow you to view individual items from multiple orders in one table rather than having to click the order to view the individual items in it. First, begin by going into your service tab and selecting “work items”. You will now see a window like this. These items have all been assigned to an order, but are available for you to see individually without clicking into each order. 


Note: If you would like to access the order that the item is in, click the order number in the right column under “Order / Client”. 

When a vendor outsources work to subcontractors, they need to have visibility into the status and the results of the outsourced work.

We have expanded the Results column to display the results from all outsourced orders linked to the item along with the name of the outsourced vendor.

Additionally, we have added new filters below All Work Items:

Outsourced / Open - all work items that are still not completed by subcontractors

Outsourced / Ready - all work items that are completed by subcontractors, but the main order is not completed yet

You also can make a bulk-change the status of multiple Work Items. 

Select the work items you would like to edit using the green checkmark. Once you have your selected work items, click the "Bulk-Change Work Status" option in the toolbox on the right-hand side of the screen.

The status options will appear on your screen and you will be able to select the status you would like to set your work items to.

Bulk Assign Technicians to Work Items

Service Managers may review a list of unassigned Work Items and bulk assign a group of items to any technician at their organization: 

When you click on "Bulk-Assign Technician", "Select Employee" pop-up window will be opened.

Find Employee you need and click "Select Employee"