1. Create an Agreement and send to Vendor

To create a vendor quote and agreement, begin by-


a. Click Assets from the top section> Click on the assets (you can select multiple at once) > request service quote



b. Fill out the request number and comments > finalize request. You will be able to attach documents/ agreements to this request in 'attach document' section. There is a limit for documents upload- 50 megabyte.




Click ‘Send Request to Vendor’.


You will get a vendor list to choose from. Select a vendor and submit.


2. Create an Agreement to internally track agreement and asset associated (and not sending to the Vendor)



Follow steps a. and b. as mentioned above. Don’t click on ‘Send to vendor’. 

To find these all Vendor agreements in your portal- Click assets > vendor quotes and agreements.


P.S- You won't see this in the asset details.


3. Another way to do it is creating a maintenance plan (example- Vendor maintenance plan etc.)   and attach assets to it.