There are two types of agreements: vendor agreements and client agreements. All Qualer users will find vendor agreements. Only service providers, or users with a client list, will see the client agreements module.

Vendor Agreements

All Vendor Agreements can be seen under Assets > Vendor Quotes & Agreements. To create a new one, go to the asset manager. Select all assets that you want to get a quote for. Click on Request Service Quote... from the Toolbox on the right.

Input the request (required) and PO (not required) numbers along with the start/end dates for the agreement.

If more information needs to be added to the asset on the agreement, click on the blue name (XP Micro and Ultra-microbalances in this case). Add any necessary info. Click OK when complete.

If assets need to be added to the quote that are not yet registered, click Add Item then fill out all needed information. Click OK when complete.

On the right hand side, the vendor can be selected and additional documents from your personal computer can be uploaded. At any point, the request can be deleted or saved as a draft before it's submitted.

When ready, click Finalize Request. The request will officially save. At this point, it can be edited or printed from Qualer to be sent to the vendor. If Send Request to Vendor is clicked, it will be sent to the email in the Shipping Address of the vendor selected from the Manage Vendors list. The request can also be archived, which means it can no longer be edited. If the request expires later, "Create a Copy" can be used to re-create the agreement and add new dates.

If Send Request to Vendor is selected, Qualer will prompt you to choose the vendor if it wasn't already selected. From there, you have a choice of adding this to an existing agreement (e.g. this is an extension of a pre-existing agreement) or continuing as is. The vendor will now see the agreement in their portal under Service >  Client Quotes & Agreements and be able to accept or deny the quote.

Vendor point of view:

Once it's sent, you have the option to still print the agreement, cancel the request, and send to another vendor.

Client Agreements

If you are a service provider, meaning you have access to the Service > Manage Clients module, you can send a quote to a client. Find the desired client in manage clients and go to their asset list. Select the assets that should be a part of the quote then choose New Service Agreement under the Toolbox on the right.

Go through the same steps as outlined above in vendor agreements. The terms and conditions box now exists and must be filled out. When complete, send quote to client which will go to the email listed as the contact email.

The agreement can be printed from here. The client will now see this agreement under Assets > Vendor Quotes & Agreements. The client can agree with the terms and conditions and accept/reject the quote.