As a service provider, your customers rely on your expert team to help keep them informed about assets that are due for service.  While, you may encourage your clients to log in to their Qualer platform to review and manage their assets independently, it is also important for your team to proactively reach out to client with a list of assets that are coming due for service, we will refer to this as a Recall Report.  

Your Qualer portal gives you the ability to generate a Recall Report for any custom time frame.  The first step for creating these reports is to identify which clients have assets due for service.  

First, Click "Manage Client" under your "SERVICE" menu in the top navigation bar:


Quickly scan the overview of assets that are Due for Service or Past Due for Service within your client accounts.

Remember that you can adjust the time frame for which these filters apply by adjusting the filter parameters beneath the filter title:



Once you have identified a client that requires a Recall Report, click the Assets Due tally in the table to immediately apply the appropriate filter to your Client Account Asset Manager:

The Client Account View for the client: 

Select all assets that you would like to have recalled by clicking the adjacent check marks:

The last step is to click "Export Selection to Excel..." in your TOOLBOX on the right side of the page.  Your browser will immediately download an excel report of the assets Due for Service in this client's account:


This excel document can then be saved and emailed directly to your client contact.  

Building a Custom Report

Now that you know how to use the "Export Selection to Excel..." functionality in your TOOLBOX, you may need to use this feature to generate a report that may combine both Assets Past Due and Assets Due for Service, or any other customized list of units for your customer.  

To do this, you will simply select the assets that you would like to export and add them to your client's Quick Collection folder. You can make asset selections in batches.  Here, I will combine both the Assets Past Due and Assets Due for Service for my client:

First, I selected all items that are marked "Due for Service" 

Then, I click the "+" in the Quick Collection status to add the assets to this temporary folder.  

Now, the "+" changed to display the number of units in the folder, in this case it is "2":

Next, I want to add my "Past Due" assets for the client to this list. First, I will select the "Past Due" asset status. 

I will then select all items in the "Past Due" list and add them to my Quick Collections by hovering over the "1" until it turns back into a "+":

The Quick Collection total updates to include both sets of assets added to the folder:

I can now export this custom list in my Quick Collection folder directly to excel sheet but selecting all items in the list and clicking "Export Selection to Excel.." in the TOOLBOX on the right side of the screen: