Client Maintenance Plans are critical for ensuring the appropriate service recall date for your client's assets. Each client can have completely unique maintenance plans with multiple segments and service interval logic to match their internal SOPs.  


These plans must be configured in the client's ACCOUNT tab in the Client Manager: 



Select the client you would like to edit or add Maintenance Plans: 



In the "ACCOUNT" tab, select the "Maintenance Plans" folder. You may review the list of existing plans, or add a new plan but clicking "New Maintenance Plan..." in the TOOLBOX on the right side of the page: 


Add a New Maintenance Plan:  




The Maintenance Plan name is a free form field, and it should be named something that helps to distinguish which types of unit the plan applies to. You will also have the opportunity to select a single instrument category or multiple instrument categories to restrict the plan to one or more types of instruments. You can also select "Any Category" to create a generic plan that can be applied to any instrument type.


Click "OK" to instantly create the plan, you can review the plan and see that there are not yet any tasks assigned to this new plan. "Maintenance Tasks" are critical to guide asset recall as they define the service interval and the service level. Click on the plan name to add Maintenance Tasks: 





Assign the name of the Task and select the service interval as well as any recall or grace period guidelines. When the service interval is set to 'Every', the due date can be forced to be any of the following options: 

  • On exact date 

  • At the end of the month 

  • At the start of the month 

  • Monday of that week 

  • Tuesday of that week 

  • Wednesday of that week 

  • Thursday of that week 

  • Friday of that week 

  • Saturday of that week 

  • Sunday of that week 


Select Service Level, Service site, and price list in the Service Provider tab to include your customer's service preferences: 

The Assignment tab will allow to pre-select main assignee and additional employees similar to how it is done in the Schedule tab of the work order. When order is created based on this specific maintenance task, the main assignee is assigned to work item (FulfilledBy) and to the order level. 

Additional assignments are simply added to the order level. 




Click Select Technician or the “+” to open the employee selection window. Find the employee you would like to assign to the maintenance task and click Select Employee.