Client Account Overview:

Add and edit client sites, employees, contact information and other service preferences in the "ACCOUNT" tab of your client's account. 

Access your Client Manager, by selecting "MANAGE CLIENTS" under the "SERVICE" tab in the top navigation bar: 

Select the client you would like to edit or add information:


Company Information & primary contact: 

Main Location/Headquarter Billing & Shipping Information:

Employees: Add customer employees that you would like to invite to their sponsored portal to act as contacts for order, to generate orders and to review orders. When you first create a client, qualer will automatically create an "admin" employee. This is an account a qualer employee may log into if a sponsored client contacts support. However, this can be removed. The login credentials for this "employee" are kept private by qualer. All other employees who need access to the portal and email notifications should be added here. Then an invitation can be sent to them after the account is created.


Add and Edit Sites: Sites can be used to further delineate a company's assets either by physical location or any other company preference. Sites can have the same address as headquarters, however, if the address is unique be sure to enter that information so that the correct contact information is displayed on all reports:

Client Account Stickers

In the right-hand portion of your screen you should now see three different tabs: Assets, Orders, and Account. By clicking the “(+)” below the tabs, you will be able to add a tag or note for that tab. Once you have added a note for one of the tabs, a yellow or pink (depending on the color note you chose) bar will appear under the name of the tab. Additionally, the (+) will be replaced by your note. 

Note: Once you have created a note you can easily delete by selecting the note, clicking “Clear” in the left corner and selecting “Save”. You will now return to the original screen and have a (+) in place of the note. 



Assign Account Representatives to Client Accounts

Qualer now allows Service Providers to assign an internal employee as an Account Representative responsible for any particular client account. This function will help your team organize, search, and track their work with focused notifications and reporting.


You are able to set Default or Client-Specific Account Representatives. Setting a default account representative will ensure that each customer account has a designated contact person at your organization. For those accounts that are assigned to specific individuals, you will configure their settings at an individual account level. 

Setting a Default Client Account Representative:

Click ADMINISTRATION in the top navigation bar > Click the "Sites" folder on the left menu > Click the appropriate site location from the table: 

The Site Information page will open, in drop down field titled "Default Client Account Representative" select an employee from the options that is best suited as the default contact. Click Save.

Setting a Client-Specific Account Representative:

Hover over SERVICE in the top navigation bar > Click the "Manage Clients" from the drop down menu > Search for the appropriate client in the table > Click the name of the client to open their account > Click the "Account" tab.

Under Primary Contact you will be able to enter the information of the primary contact at your client's company, as well as select the internally assigned employee from the drop down called "Account Representative". Click "Update".

The Account Representative’s information will now be visible in the Account tab for this client, as well as searchable using the Account Representatives Filter in the Client Manager, Work Order Manager, Work Items Manager, and Client Agreements Manager: