After service has been completed you can send an invoice to your customer and apply payments to the order directly through your Qualer portal. 

Once invoiced, payments will update the invoice from an unpaid to paid status: 

Invoiced - the invoice has been sent to the customer, but the full payment has not yet been received.

Invoiced -  the invoice has been sent to the customer, and the full payment has been received. 


To Invoice a completed order, first click on the work order number to review the Service Order Summary: 

Be sure that all documents you would like to send to your client have been generated in your Document List on the right side of the screen:

Generating Documents: 

Click "blue" to Generate Documents:          Click "white" to View Documents: 


Once all the appropriate documents have been generated and reviewed, click into the "Invoiced & Collections" tab to confirm payment terms, pricing and tax exemption. When ready, click "Send Invoice": 

In the "Send Email" pop-up, click the check boxes to attach the documents from your Document List as PDF and hyper linked files with the Invoice communication email:

The email Preview will automatically display the template that can be configured in your Notification Settings, you will also see the PDF and hyper linked attachments you selected in the previous screen.  There will also be a hyperlink to the work order in Qualer.  Feel free to edit and adjust the content of the email, the subject line and the recipient fields as needed. When ready, press "Send Email": 

Once the email was sent, the order will immediately update the billing status from "Not Invoiced" to "Invoiced" 


Keep track of payments as they are received, by clicking back into the "Invoices & Collections" tab, and selecting "Apply Payment": 

Indicate the payment type and amount, and press "OK"