Notification Settings Overview

Notification templates for all notification events can be configured in the "Notification Settings" folder of the ADMINISTRATION module of your portal.  These notifications can be used for internal or external communications and can be prompted as a result of an order event, asset event, service event, etc.


There are two types of settings in this module

a. Subscription Events - These are the events that internal employees sign up for in their Events & Notifications tab of their profile (for information on how to enable notifications per employee go to: Employees).

The group filter can be used to narrow down the list. Here is an explanation of each group type:

  • About Client Agreements - for service providers only (i.e. Qualer users who have clients uploaded). This is used in conjunction with the service agreement module where you can select the assets to put on a quote and send it to a client. More information about agreements can be found here: Service Agreements
  • About Client Assets - for service providers only. This is information about all of the clients' assets.
  • About Company Assets - all assets in the Asset Manager module.
  • About My Assets - assets that are assigned to a custodian. For example, if you're assigned to asset 123 in the Custodian field of the asset, this would be considered your asset, so the my assets notifications would work.
  • About My Company Service Requests - any order that is sent to a vendor through Qualer. These are the orders under Assets > Service Requests after filtering by External.
  • About My Service Requests - any order that you personally submit to a vendor through Qualer.
  • About My Vendor Agreements - select assets and create a quote request to send to a vendor through Qualer. Only vendors with access to the full or sponsored portal will see it, but you can also print it from Qualer. To learn more, go here: Service Agreements
  • About Work Orders - all internal work orders seen in the Service > Work Orders list.

b. Direct Communications - These are the notifications that are sent by a click of a button (e.g. Send Invitation in the employee profile, Send Email button from a work order).

Template Header and Footer

To assign a default header and footer of any notification sent from the portal, select the "Edit Common Header & Footer" button at the top of the panel.

At the bottom, a general reply-to email can be defined. Note that when the reply to is not given, the person who receives the email cannot reply back. Click "Save" after all your changes have been made. This will now be used for both subscription events and direct communications.

Notification Templates

Edit the template for any notification by selecting the name of the notification event from the list. Use the "Short Message" description to clarify exactly which event this notification applies to.

You can use Qualer provided Variables to add up-to-date and personalized information about client assets, internal assets, maintenance events, service events, etc., and you can use html formatting to include interactive and clickable links for your notification recipient to quickly access important information directly from the email. If you need a new variable added, please contact

Also note that, when defined, the "Reply to e-mail" will be the default "from" address that the recipient will see in their mailbox. However, if no "Reply to e-mail" is defined, notifications will come from the account information of the employee logged in when notification was sent for direct communications and from a no reply email for subscription events. Be sure to check the box for Enabled so the emails will work.