Notification Settings Overview

Notification templates for all notification events can be configured in your "Notification Settings" folder of the ADMINISTRATION module of your portal.  These notifications can be used for internal or external communications and can be prompted as a result of an order event, asset event, service event, etc.


Template Header and Footer

To assign a default header and footer of any notification sent from your portal, select the "Edit Header and Footer" button at the top of the panel

Click "Save" after all your changes have been made:

Notification Templates

Edit the template for any notification by selecting the name of the notification event from the list. Use the "Short Message" description to clarify exactly which event this notification applies to. 

You can use Qualer provided Variables to add up-to-date and personalized information about client assets, internal assets, maintenance events, service events, etc., and you can use html formatting to include interactive and clickable links for your notification recipient to quickly access important information directly from the email. 

Also note that, when defined, the "Reply to e-mail" will be the default "from" address that the recipient will see in their mailbox.  However, if no "Reply to e-mail" is defined, notifications will come from the account information of the employee logged in when notification was sent. 

Notification Groups:

Maintenance Event - Everything related to MY ASSETS / MY SERVICE REQUESTS (Asset Manager)

Service Events - Everything related to SERVICE (my client's assets, my client's orders, also internal orders)

Service Quote Request - service agreements from the client side

Service Agreements - from the vendor side