There are several reasons why a vendor or a life science company may need to create an order for service without any assets or service levels.  For example, you may need to create an asset-less order to 1) External Fulfillment: have the flexibility to add assets while performing service on-site, or 2) Internal/External Fulfillment: to request maintenance on company equipment that is not registered in Qualer (ie. repair a door, change a lightbulb, patch a wall, etc.).

From the main Dashboard page, click Make Service Request.. in the Toolbox on the right.

Leaving the "ASSETS" tab blank in the new service request, click "Next" to continue to the "WORK DETAILS" tab 

In the Work Details tab, you should select whether the work will be performed by an Internal Department or an External Vendor (Note: External vendors requesting service on behalf of your customers, your company will be the default Service Provider)

Use the ad hoc "Additional Requests" field to manually enter in the tasks that need to be performed during this work order. Click "Add" after each new line item, and when finished click "Next" 

Complete all other screens as needed and enter any additional order-level notes in the "Review" Tab.