Service Pricing should be configured after your service capabilities have been identified and your service levels have been defined.  Once configured, your price lists will allow you to create accurate estimates and invoices for your customers.  You will have the flexibility to create company default price lists, as well as price lists for specific clients.

Setup of Default Service Pricing

To setup your initial company price list, first click on the "Service Pricing" tab in your ADMINISTRATION module, and click "New Price List." 

The initial price list should be your default pricing for the majority of your clients. Set the terms of the price list and press "OK" to create:

You will immediately be able to edit and add pricing for each of the Service Levels created based on the Service Capabilities selected in the previous tabs of the ADMINISTRATION module. Click the links for more information about configuring your Service Levels or Service Capabilities.

Adding Prices to a Price List

From the drop down menu, select the Service Capability you would like to add prices to and begin entering pricing under the columns created for each of your Service Levels. 

Click on the horizontal line corresponding to each of the different product categories your company selected in the Service Capabilities screen and begin to type in the text box. Indicate whether this is a flat rate or an hourly rate by clicking the "/hour" check box.

Edit an Existing Price List

To edit the terms of an existing price list, select the list from the drop down menu and click the "Edit Price List" button. 

Make all the needed changes and press "OK" when done.

Adding a Client Price List

To create a price list for one client, you must have at least one Default price list created first.  After the initial setup of pricing, click "New Price List" button to begin. 

Select the appropriate client from the drop down list

Set the terms of the new price list and indicate whether or not you would like to copy prices from the Default price list. Press "OK" when ready.

The new price list will be immediately available to edit and adjust as needed.