Service Pricing should be configured after your service capabilities have been identified and your service levels have been defined.  Once configured, your price lists will allow you to create accurate estimates and invoices for your customers.  You will have the flexibility to create company default price lists, as well as price lists for specific clients.

Setup Default Service Pricing

To set up your initial company price list, first click on the "Service Capabilities" tab in your ADMINISTRATION module.

Select the instrument, click x price list(s). You will land on a default price list page.

If this is the first price list for the portal, click "New Price List". Be sure the activation date is at least today's date so it can be used on orders. Note that based on the expiration date, the price list will inactivate. So if the expiration date is 1/1/2020, the price list can no longer be used beginning 1/1/2020. If the "allow assignment to clients" box is checked, the price list will only apply to the companies added (explained at the bottom of the article). Otherwise, keeping the box unchecked will allow the price list to be used for all clients.

Click on the horizontal line (-)  corresponding to each of the different product categories your company services and begin to type in the text box. Indicate whether this is a flat rate or an hourly rate by clicking the "/hour" check box.

The initial price list should be your default pricing for the all or majority of your clients. Note: if the first item line is filled, that will apply to all assets assigned to that parent category. The other lines are if child category specific prices should be set. If an asset is tied to the "Angle Block" category, for example, then that line item's pricing will be taken.

Prices can also be associated with service options if they are built out in the service level.

You will immediately be able to edit and add pricing for each of the Service Levels created based on the Service Capabilities selected in the previous tabs of the ADMINISTRATION module. Click the links for more information about configuring your Service Levels or Service Capabilities.

Edit An Existing Price List

To edit the terms of an existing price list, select the list from the drop down menu and click the "Edit Price List" button. 

Make all the needed changes and press "OK" when done. To edit any prices, click on the price in blue and change the amount.

Add A Client Price List

To create a price list for one client, you must have at least one Default price list created first.  After the initial setup of pricing, click the "New Price List" button to begin. 

Check the box, ‘Allow assignments to clients’ > OK. Set the terms of the new price list and indicate whether or not you would like to copy prices from the Default price list. Press "OK" when ready.

Select the "Clients" tab > Add Client... > select the clients you’d like to assign to the given price list.

Add Labor

Labor can be added at a per item basis in the work order from two places:

1) From the Parts & Labor section of the work item fulfillment screen. Note: the Add Labor button will only show if labor is configured in the price list.

2) From the main work order screen by clicking Add Parts under the Service Description tab then Add Labor. Note: this option will only show if the "Allow vendor to pre-select parts & consumables" option is checked within the General tab of the service capability.

Go to the Labor tab of the price list > click Add Labor > input the needed information. A name and service code are required. Click Save when complete.

To default a price, click the blue - then type in a number. Making it an hourly charge is optional as well.

Adding labor must be done for each service capability that needs it available. This is so there can be different labor costs associated with each type of capability (e.g. scale calibration vs caliper calibration).

Add Parts Pricing

There are two ways to add parts pricing so when a part is added to added to an item or order, the price automatically populates:

1) Go to the Parts tab of a price list. Change the drop down if needed to see all the parts assigned to the current parent category. Click on the blue - to input a price.

2) Go to the Products module > search for the needed part > All Parts filter on the left > click on the blue name of the part under the "Product" column > Inventory tab > input a price > OK. Side note: if you want to mark the item as a stock item, you can click the checkbox for "Stock item". All parts marked as stock will show in the "Parts We Carry" filter on the left for easy search.

Another way to add pricing for parts through the Products module is to click the checkbox to the left of the needed part(s) > Bulk Edit and Import... in the Toolbox > Download File.... An Excel will download to your browser (make sure pop-up blocker is turned off). In the Unit Sale Price column, fill out a price then save the file to your computer. Go back to the Bulk Edit and Import window and click Upload Modifications... then choose the saved file to import.

Add Service Charges

Charges can be added at the work order level from the main order page.

To set up charges, go to the Service Charges tab of a price list. Click Add Service Charge Type then fill in the needed information. At a minimum, the name, unit, and initial quantity are required. Click Save when complete. The prices can then be input by clicking the blue - for fixed charge (always the same price or a base price) and/or per unit charge (varies based on the quantity).