Work orders are services that will be performed by your company's service team and can either be requested internally to service your own equipment in-house, or externally to service your client's equipment. For more a detailed breakdown of the distinction between Work Orders and Service Requests, click here

Both internally and externally generated work orders in Qualer can be managed in the WORK ORDERS page, under the SERVICE tab in the top navigation bar:

Managing your orders:

The work order user interface is designed to help you quickly find and manage service from generating estimates to applying payments. 

Searching for an Order:

To find an order, you can either search using the name of the company the service was performed for, the serial number or tag number of an asset in the order, or by the work order number in the search bar on the upper right corner:

Filter Orders:

You may filter orders by order completion status using the ALERTS tab on the left side of the screen: 

Note: You can expand or narrow the filter parameters for certain folders by clicking on the "Within XX days" or "Between XX/XX/20XX to XX/XX/20XX"

Adjust the parameters to your preferences for your account and click "Apply"

You may also choose to filter using information about the order, rather than the status of the order. In that circumstance, you can use the filters at the top of the page by selecting from a drop down menu for each category of interest.  You may combine multiple selections for added granularity:


Export Information:

To export the list of orders that you are currently viewing (based on the applied filters), click "Export to Excel" in the TOOLBOX on the right side of the page.  An excel report will instantly download: