Departments Overview

Departments are used to group employees for internal organization and work order fulfillment. Departments are designated to accept or not accept service requests, which allows you to differentiate which employees can be assigned to fulfill service orders. 


Departments Listing

To view and manage a list of your company's departments, click "Departments" under the ADMINISTRATION module. In this list, you may remove departments, by clicking the red "X" on the right of the screen, add departments, by clicking "Add New Department" at the bottom of the list, or edit existing departments by selecting the Name.

Adding Departments

  • Click the "Add New Department" button to start.
  • Enter all necessary department information, such as Name, Description, Employees (created in the "Employees" folder)
  • Confirm whether the department accepts service orders, as this will determine if it can be selected to fulfill orders internally or externally.

Assigning Employees to Departments

  • Click on the department name to which you want to add employees.
  • Click the "Employee" text box to open a dropdown list of all available employees.
  • Begin typing the name of the employee to filter the list, or select the employee directly from the dropdown.

Note: Ensure the employee's profile is already created in the "Employees" folder to be selectable in the "Departments" folder.

After an employee is added to the department, you will have the option to assign a Position title to the employee. You can remove any employees, by clicking the red "X", or continue to add employees by typing his or her name into the Employee text box.