Asset systems containing multiple components have a new and exciting enhanced layout. 

Not sure how to manage a multi-component system?

Quickly add asset system components to the work order

In 2.9.8, the number of sub-components is now shown in a work order when adding an asset system. Previously a user could not view the number of sub-components without going into the asset information. 

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A list of sub-components opens by selecting the number in the bottom right-hand corner of the specific asset. This allows users to add sub-components to the same work order quickly:

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Enumeration of the asset system components

In release 2.9.7, the stacked cubes in the component breakdown view were the same hyperlink to the parent.

With 2.9.8, this valuable real estate will now be used to enumerate the system of components.

                     2.9.7                      >                             2.9.8    

Interacting with the number will allow you to reorder components by drag-n-drop or update indexes.

  1. Drag the asset components by the number to re-order them.


        2. Click index to enter a new number and re-order all other components accordingly.


Quick navigation to the parent asset

In release 2.9.7, the stacked cube icon was used to open the parent asset information window. This presented a challenge when a subcomponent was found/opened with filtering, as there was no way to see other components of the same asset system.

In 2.9.8, this stacked cube icon will open a breakdown of all sibling asset components of the parent asset. This will allow you to view the parent asset system in its entirety.

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