1. Find one of the desired assets that you want to make into a set/multi-component system. It does not matter which you choose to be the “parent.” Click the blue SN to pull up its information, click “Edit”, click the checkbox that it is part of a multi-component system, click “OK.”

2. Under the asset’s name and description on the main page, you will now see a small blue triangle indicating that this asset is part of a multi-component system. Click the 0.

3. From here, pick the other assets that are part of the system by choosing “Pick From Assets.” This will show all assets for this company. Use the checkboxes to choose the desired assets then click “Add to a Multi-Component System.”

4. Question: Do you want these items to always be serviced together? If no, your work is done! If yes, go to the individual assets that are a part of the newly made system. Click into the SN, click “Edit”, click the “Service” tab, click the checkbox to service together, click “OK.” With this, any time one of the assets in the system is added to the order, all the other assets will also be added to the order.

5. In order to disable the multicomponent system part you need to open the asset, click edit, and uncheck the box "Asset can contain other assets".