In order to simplify service record retrieval and management, we have created a separate screen/module that will list and filter asset service records. The new Service Records module allows reviewing and manipulation of asset service records in bulk. 

To Access the new module, hover over ASSETS > Service Records


The "Plan / Due" column displays the maintenance plan and/or task that is linked to Asset Service Record. Clicking on the Maintenance Plan will re-load the page and show Service Records that have selected Maintenance Plan.  

Clicking on the "Service Records By Asset" icon will reload the page with Asset ID passed as a parameter. Only service records related to the selected asset will be displayed on the screen in this mode.


You can also access the Service Record screen from the Maintenance Plan page to see only Service Records that were performed with a specific maintenance plan, by clicking on the Serviced Total number:



Curation of asset service records 

If Change Control is enabled for your company, the Change Management block will also be visible on the Service Record screen. Here you can see what Service Records were added, Modified, or Deleted.  

When any of those options is selected, the screen should display the shield icon in the "Date/Next" column. Clicking on the shield icon should open the asset service record popup on the Changes tab:


Also, we’ve added a new “Change Control” block in the toolbox that can contain a helpful message associated with the current screen.  

More importantly, this message can be configurable via our content-management capability. (Administration>Configuration >Page Content> Service Records Change Control) 



Asset Service Record Export to Excel 

If you need to export service records to Excel, simply select as many records as you wish and click Export Selection to Excel


Bulk-edit for service records 

You also now have the ability to do bulk edit for your Service Records. 

Select Service Records, click Bulk Edit and Import, download the file, make changes, save the file and then click Import Asset Service Records:


Download certificates for multiple service records as a ZIP file 

We’ve added a new link to the Service Record manager "Download documents as Zip". This function will create a ZIP file with all documents attached to selected service records.