You can navigate to the ‘Product Manager’ module from the main ‘Dashboard’ module:


    A product is a manufacturer and part number. Multiple assets can be linked to one product.



        Maker of the product.

    Part Number

        Model number of the product.

    Product Type (also known as "Parent Category")

        Main category of the product.

    Sub-Category (also known as "Child Category")

        Specific category of the product.

    Product Name

        Model name of the product given by the manufacturer.


        Additional information about the product, like the range of use.

    Parts & Accessories

        Pieces that can be applied to products. These will be available to add at the work item level or work order level.

The Product Manager grid allows navigation between parent and child products (via a counter triangle similar to Asset Manager).

  • Quick Collection is added to the product manager and is used to add child products to parent products in bulk. Quick Collection can also be used to maintain a list of frequently used products for each employee. 

To add products to your quick collection, click the checkmark next to the product you would like to add to your collection, then click the '+' next to 'Quick Collection'.

Adding a Product

Click on ‘Add New Product’ on the right-hand side of the page under ‘TOOLBOX’. This will take you to the Qualer Product Catalog:

Fill in all the appropriate information regarding the product you are adding. When finished, click ‘Add Product’.

Note: If you do not find the appropriate manufacturer, product category or product type available, you can add one by clicking the green '+' to the right side of the field.

Editing a Product

Use the Product Manager filters and search bar to find the product you would like to modify or update.

Once you have located the product, click on the Product Hyperlinked Product name to open up the "Product Information" window.

You can then make modifications to the part number, product name, product description etc. 

Please note: Changes to product information will impact other Qualer users unless you are updating products in your private company catalog. Private products are found in the 'Company Products' filter on the left side of the screen.

Also, users can record a 'Quantity on Hand' value for products/parts in stock. Click on the Products module and search for the product or part you would like to add a Quantity on Hand value to. Click the product name, click the 'Inventory' tab. Click the 'Stock Item' check box to enable the Quantity on Hand field. Then add in the desired value. The last edit date and time will also show.

Uploading Product Documentation

In order to upload Product level documentation, follow the steps below:


Click on the  Product Hyperlinked Product name to open up with  "Product Part Information".

Info screen will have an "INFO" option. Clicking on the "INFO" option will allow you to upload a document to the Product. 

Once the document is loaded, you can delete the document screen through the same screen, or by clicking the "X" on the "INFO" option.