Specifications play a major role in Work Orders. There are various things to check if you are having trouble with specifications in the Work Order, check for below things just to make sure that everything is build up correctly:-
1: Check Parameter Name in Specification & respective Service Levels
2: Check if appropriate Specification is selected at the Asset level



 1: Workflow

  Click on Specification associated with Work Order:-

  Click Edit and see if the Parameters is the same as in the Measurement tab of the relative Service Level:-

 To check the Measurement tab Go to Administration <Service Capability< Search for respective capability <  Click on blue color service level

 Go to the Measurement tab & search for Parameter of the same name & Click on it e.g “Inside Scale”

As you can see both the screenshots have the same Parameter Name “Inside Scale”

2: Workflow
Go to Work Order screen:-


 Click on the Asset tag in the Work Order screen:-

Click Edit & go to Service tab & check whether appropriate Specification is checked or not:-