As a service provider who has clients, you may need the ability to assign a specification to multiple clients' assets at once so the test points are defaulted when the asset is serviced.

Go to the Products manager and filter by Products We Service on the left side. This is all products linked to any client asset. The filters, clicking on the first row header to sort, and search bar can be used to find the specific product or you may scroll through the list. When the product needed is found, click on the number of assets in blue. This will take you to the Managed Assets list but filtered down by that specific product.

Click on the individual check boxes of the assets that need a specification assigned OR click the top checkbox in the header row to select all assets. Click Assign Specification... in the Toolbox on the right.

A list of any spec that is applicable based on the product or product type will show. Click Assign to choose a spec to link to the assets. Moving forward, this specification will now be the default when the asset is serviced.