As a service provider, there is an option to select a tool group for reference standards.

These groups can be custom created. To begin, go to Administration > Operation Settings > Areas tab. To add a new Area, click the "Add New" button and type the name in the "Area group name" field. Select allow assignment to "Assets" so the areas will appear in the asset manager. Click "Save" to create the main group and begin adding folders, or sub-groups. 

Select "Add New Area" to create the first sub-group.

To add sub-areas or sub-folders, select an existing area, and click "Add New Area" enter the name of the sub-group and press "Save".

To edit an existing area, select the name and click the "Edit Area" button.

To delete an area, first you must be sure there are no existing sub-areas, select the name and click "Delete Area." You will then be prompted to confirm this action. 

To delete the entire group as a whole, select the "Delete area group" button on the lower right of the panel. Confirm this action by clicking "OK" in the confirmation pop-up: 

Now that the areas are created, tools can be assigned to them to officially create the Tool Groups. Go to the Asset Manager and click the Areas tab.

Use the various filters and search bar to find the desired tools.

Click on the checkbox to the left of the tool(s) then the + button to the right of the correct group to add. Note: by clicking on the banner label, like "Benches" in the screenshot below, you can collapse the entire group name.

Once assets are added to the group, you can click on the group name to see the full list. From here, all can also be removed. By clicking on certain checkboxes, you can remove only a select few as well.