All information about Service Capabilities is here

Users will have the ability to create service capabilities that apply to multiple product types (e.g. Centrifuges and Mixers). Previous implementation required Users to have only one root category associated with each service capability, so Users are forced to create multiple copies for each product type. 

To begin this configuration, navigate to the 'Service Capabilities' screen by clicking 'Administration' from the main menu bar then 'Service Capabilities'. 

To add a new capability, select a capability from the top drop-down then click 'Add New'.

Next, input a 'Service Group Name' and click 'OK'.

Next, add product types to this capability by clicking 'Add Product Type' on the 'General' tab. (Note: if no product types are added, then this capability and all of it's corresponding settings would be applicable to all product types)

All information about Service Levels is here

Check the boxes next to the product types you would like to add and click 'Select'.