There are improvements to the Product Management capabilities to improve speed and simplify product management.

The Product Manager grid is modified to allow navigation between parent and child products (via a counter triangle similar to Asset Manager).

Quick Collection is added to the product manager and is used to add child products to parent products in bulk. It can maintain a list of frequently used products for each employee.

To add products to your quick collection, click the check mark next to the product you would like to add to your collection, then click the '+' next to 'Quick Collection'.

  • Faster product selection dialog.
  • Full-Text Search allows quick search and filter by:
    1. Product Name, 
    2. Manufacturer Part Number, 
    3. Short Description, 
    4. Display Name 
    5. Display Part Number.
  • Adding new products or parts no longer invokes a Product Selection dialog and goes straight to new product creation.

All information about Products and Parts can be found here: Product Manager