Feature ID: 38534

Feature Description: Specification and Product Management Improvements

Use Case: We improved how generic specifications are added and managed. We added special filtering capability and a quicker way to create a generic specification for a product category.

We are also allowing customers to eliminate irrelevant product types for a more focused product & service experience. Companies can now limit the search scope for products and specifications only to items that are in private or and/public catalog, as well as only those that the company has the capability to service.

Creating a Generic Specification

Hover over Products

Click on Product Specifications

Under the TOOLBOX section, a new action ‘Add Generic Specification’ is available. Once you click ‘Add Generic Specification’, a pop-up window will appear with drop downs to select Product Category and Product Type.

Search through the category drop downs to find the Product Type you would like to create a specification for. Once the Product Type has been selected, click ‘Continue’.

Specification Filters

There is now an additional grouping on the left-side of the ‘Product Specifications’ module named ‘Generic Specifications’. You can view all the generic specifications that have been created.

*This is a "Feature Updates" article. If you need to get actual instructions, please go to the "How to Create a Generic Specification" article.