Feature ID: 35523

Feature Description: Tracking asset received date and acclimation time. 

Use Case: According to the new ISO 17025 requirements, a calibration certificate must display the date when the asset was received by the service provider for calibration. In addition, we need to be able to set the acclimation time required before calibration takes place and warn the technicians when they commence work too soon.

Click Administration

Click Service Capabilities

Click the desired Service Level

Click desired Measurement

Click Environmental Variables

Select Capture Acclimation Time field

Define the Acclimation Time Necessary

Click OK

Click Service Preferences, Acclimation Time parameter will be visible and can be further defined here

Go to a Work Order, in the Received Status, with a matching Instrument Category and Service Level

Select desired asset to be received

From the drop-down menu select Bulk-Set Time/Date

Define Date & Time Received OR

Click Accept Order and Define Date & Time Received

Click OK

Once Serviced, that Instrument's service time will be captured

This is a "Feature updates" article. The actual information about the Service levels page is here