In this article you will learn how to access your certificates within the Qualer portal.


Once you are in the Qualer Dashboard, hover over to the “ASSETS” module and click on the “ASSET MANAGER” tab. 

Now that you are in the “ASSET MANAGER” tab, you will need to enter the serial number or tag ID of the asset you are looking for. You can do that in the search bar in the upper right section of the “ASSET MANAGER” screen. In this example, we will search for the asset with the serial number 12311.

After you click the search button, Qualer will find the asset you requested. Now click on the serial number from the “Serial/Tag/User” column.

A new window, called “Asset Info,” will be opened after you click on the serial number/tag ID. Afterwards, click on the “History” tab.

This tab displays a list of all the services that have been performed for this asset. Select the service you are looking for. You can locate it according to the order number or service date.

Note: Services that have an “X” next to them are calibrations performed on a different platform other than Qualer.

Click on the service request you need. This will prompt the “Asset service record” window to open.  Click on the “Documents” tab.

Lastly, click on the document in order to download a PDF file of the calibration certificate. Below is an example of a Calibration Certificate generated in Qualer.