Service Levels and Product Specifications work together in the Qualer platform to create dynamic data acquisitions tables that can be used for many unique service requirements, specialties and requests. We have added to ability to even further specify the desired logical relationship between these two modules to improve the technician's experience while fulfilling an order. 

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Begin by clicking ADMINISTRATION from the top navigation menu > Click "Service Capabilities" on the left side of the screen > Search for the appropriate Instrument Service Level:

Select the measurement tab > click on the name of the "Measurement" that you would like to configure unique measurement point titles:

In the "Measurement Points" tab of the pop-up dialog, begin entering Measurement Point Names for each of the multiple points required.  For example, the 3 required points configured in the example below, should read with the following assigned names: 

"Test Point - Low"

"Test Point - Mid"

"Test Point - High"

Note: Each name assignment should be separated by a character return.

When a measurement is created, the names assigned to each measurement point(s) will be assigned in the order they are listed in the text box.

This can then be complemented by the configuration of product specification test point titles: