Qualer allows asset owners to request services on their assets from their vendors.  Below is a detailed guide for helping you access your vendor's reports and certificates within your portal once these services have been completed.


After your order has been completed by your vendor, you can review your order results and download, certificates and reports.  First, hover your cursor over ASSETS at the top of your screen.  A drop down will appear, from here select SERVICE REQUESTS to be taken to a page displaying a table of your service orders.

Expand the number of days or change to a date range by clicking on "Within x days" under the title "All Service Requests". The date is in comparison to the order submission date:

Find and select the order you would like to review by clicking on its Order Number:

View order documents, summaries, and compiled reports in the "Document List" on the right side of the page. Click on the title of the report to download, save, or print the PDF document.

View the individual reports and certificates for any asset in the order by clicking on the document icon in the "Result" column:

Click on the ".pdf" link to open, download, save, or print individual asset certificates, reports, or labels. You can also click "Item Detail View" to see the data form completed by the service technician: