Watch a Quick Help video: 

Whether you have instruments that are due for regular service or need a one-time repair, you can quickly request service from your vendor through your Qualer portal: 

First, click into the Asset Manager

You can use your asset status bar on the left side of the screen to find units that are Due for Service:

Or, search for an asset by serial number or asset tag in the upper right corner of the screen:

Select the assets you would like to have serviced and click "Make Service Request" in your TOOLBOX on the right side of the screen:

Add or remove assets from the order on the first tab, "Assets" 

NOTE: At any stage of the order you may save the order as a draft: 

If the service being requested is part of the asset's regular service plan, click on the "One-time service" to change it to the appropriate step:

Below is an example of a service request with a planned service and a one-time service event:

Press Next to continue with your order:

Because the planned service event is linked to a Maintenance Plan, the information about the vendor and the service will automatically fill out on the next screen for the asset, you will need to select that information for the "one-time service":