Qualer allows asset owners to request services on their assets from their vendors.  Below is a detailed guide for helping you create a service request for your vendor

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Login to your Qualer Portal

Don't have a portal login yet? Contact your vendor to setup your profile! 

Once you have received your portal invitation from your vendor, type in their domain name (typically, this domain is: https://VENDORCOMPANYNAME.qualer.com) and proceed to sign-in to your customer portal. 

Click "ASSETS" and then  "ASSET MANAGER" to view a summary of all your company's registered assets. 

In the upper right of the screen you will see a "search assets" search bar.  Click the bar and enter the serial number or the asset tag to quickly isolate the assets you would like serviced. 

Once you have found the asset(s), simply click the check mark to the left of the serial number to select the instruments, and click "Make Service Request..." in your TOOLBOX on the right side of the screen. 

Once the service request is initiated you will have an opportunity to add or remove assets in the first tab, labeled "Assets".  To remove an asset from the order, click the red "x" to the left of the asset description. To add an asset to an order, use the serial number, asset tag or bar code and press "Add", or search from your list of assets by clicking "Pick From Assets."  If the asset you would like to add has not yet been registered in Qualer, you can register it directly on this screen by selecting "Service New Asset" and follow the instructions in the Registering a New Assets page. 

IMPORTANT: In this step you will also want to specify whether this will be a one-time service (ie. troubleshooting or repairs) or a step in the asset's maintenance plan (ie. verification, preventative maintenance, and calibrations).


Once you have added all the assets that need service AND linked them to the correct step in their assigned Maintenance Plan, click "Next".

The "Work Details" tab is used to define the scope of the service you will be requesting from your vendor.  

Notice, for service that is satisfying a step in your Maintenance Plan may already fill out with the information configured at your company level for that particular task.  For One-Time Service or for maintenance tasks without preset service levels, press the "Select" button to choose a Service Level and enter any Service Notes for this asset.  

You can select from your vendor's list of service capabilities and service levels.  

You may also add special requests or notes in the "Service Notes" tab.  Click "Apply to all unassigned, to has this service level applied to all similar assets that do not have a service level assigned to them at this time.

Once all of your Service Levels are defined and Service Notes are entered, press "Next" to set up the Logistics of the order. 

Timeframe: When would you like the work to be performed?

Owner: Who will take ownership of this order at your company (ie. who is the point of contact for your vendor)?

Location: Where would you like this work to take place (ie. On Site- order fulfilled on site at your company; Local Pick-Up- vendor arranged pick-up of your assets for order fulfillment in their lab; Ship to Vendor- send the assets to your vendor in the mail for order fulfillment in their lab)?  NOTE: Your vendor may adjust the timeframe or the location of your service request based on availability or capabilities. 

Once you have confirmed the Logistical information for this order, press "Next" to set up the Billing information. 

Once you have confirmed the Billing information is correct, press "Next" to Review & Submit the order.  At this stage you can enter any additional Order-Level notes for your vendor.  You also must acknowledge the "Decontamination Disclaimer" before you are able to submit the request.  An order estimate may be available here if your vendor has configured their settings to display pricing, however if no pricing is displayed, you may ask your vendor to provide you with a paper estimate.  

You may click through each of the tabs to review any information, and when you are ready, press "Submit Service Order" 

After the order has been submitted, you will have an additional approval step for your company before the vendor will have a chance to accept or reject the request.  This is your last opportunity to make adjustments to the Service Request in your Qualer portal.  If everything in the service order meets your needs click "Approve Order."

Why can't my vendor see the order I created? You must Approve Order for it to be sent to your vendor for fulfillment. 

Once the order is Approved it will then be "Sent to Vendor" and any updates or changes to the order must be performed by your vendor. If you must make changes to the order, you can either call or email your vendor or you can retract the order and make the needed updates. 

Why can't I make changes to my order? After the order is sent to the vendor for review you can only make changes if you retract the order or contact your vendor directly to make adjustments on your behalf. 

VENDOR VIEW: Once you Approve the order, it will be "Received" by the Vendor for Fulfillment.

After your vendor completes the order, it will be sent back to your company to review attached documents and Sign Off.  You can review the documents pertaining to entire Service Order by selecting a document under the "Document List."

You can also review documents by single asset by clicking the blue document icon under the "Results' column and selecting an asset specific document in the popup table.  Also by selecting "Item Detail View" in this popup you will be taken to the asset's work detail in the work order.