Qualer allows service providers the ability to manage and service their client's assets whether they are a subscribed user or not to the system.  Below is a detailed guide for accessing work orders created by your vendor if you are not a subscribed user.


Login to your Qualer Portal

Don't have a portal login yet? Contact your vendor to setup your profile! 

Type in the domain name of your vendor (typically, this domain is: https://VENDOR.qualer.com) and sign-in to your customer portal.

Your DASHBOARD homepage will provide you with an overview of your asset and work order status across all your company sites. 

View your work request

To quickly view your work request, hover over the "ASSETS" tab and select "SERVICE REQUESTS" from the drop down menu:

Quickly find the order you are looking for by using the filters on the left of the page

Or search using the filters above or the search bar to enter a work order number or an asset ID/serial number:

Select the order that you are interested in reviewing by clicking the Order #. 

When the order is complete you will be able to review the results for each item on the order, review any documents linked to the order, and click into the "Order Detail View" to see the measurements and recordings taken by the service technician. 

You can also select reports for specific assets by selecting the blue document icon under the "Result" column.