Overview: Qualer tracks asset status based on their assigned maintenance plans. Maintenance plans set each step and interval for ensuring quality compliance is met based on your SOPs. For more information about configuring your maintenance plans, click here. The status of assets, located on the left side of the Asset Manager, can be used to track and filter instruments that need service, are scheduled for service, or have recently been serviced. Many of these folders have a timeframe filter parameter, located beneath the title of the folder, that can be edited to change the how narrow or broad the window is for that filter. 





Service Requirements 

Past Due: 

Assets that have gone past their Maintenance Task recall date without having service completed to satisfy that step of the plan. Note: This number refers to the number of maintenance tasks that are over-due.  If one asset is past due for multiple tasks, then the asset will show up multiple times in the "Past Due" folder. 

Due for Service: 

Assets that are coming due for recall within the filter parameters set here, or within the advanced recall parameters set in the Maintenance Task will be displayed in this folder to easily request service and to keep track of your assets.  



Service Scheduled: 

All assets that are currently a part of an open work order will be displayed in the Service Scheduled folder.  


Recently Serviced 

All the assets that have had service completed within the time frame filters will be displayed in the Recently Serviced folder. 



Asset Life Cycle 

Recently Purchased 

All assets that have a purchase date indicated in the Asset "Lifecycle" tab within the set time frame filters will be displayed in the Recently Purchased folder. 



Warranty Expiring 

Assets approaching the expiration of any registered warranties will be displayed in the Warranty Expiring folder.  Warranties can be added to your assets under the "Warranty" tab in the Edit Asset Info pop-up. 



Due for Replacement 

Assets approaching the end of their lifespan, configured in the "Lifecycle" tab of the Edit Asset Info pop-up, will show up in the Due for Replacement folder.  



Out of Service 

An asset can be moved to an Out of Service state, by retiring the asset in the "Lifecycle" tab.  


Vendor Agreements: 

Agreement Expired 

Shows Assets that are linked to the expired agreement 


Up to Renewal 

Contains assets associated with agreements that are about to expire. 



No Agreement 

Assets that are not linked to the agreement 




Orphaned Assets 

No Maintenance Plan 

Maintenance Plans are crucial for tracking asset service dates and compliance status, you should aim to have all your assets on a maintenance plan. Once your plans are correctly configured, you can assign a plan to an asset in this list by clicking "Assign to Maintenance Plan" under the "Maintenance" tab of the Asset Info pop-up. 


No Service Records 

Any assets that have not yet been serviced in Qualer or have not had their service history uploaded in Qualer will be tracked in the "No Service Record" folder.