Asset pools can be used as a tag for individual or groups of assets and can be linked to specific internal SOPs.  For example, asset pools can be created for assets that are Loaners, GMP regulated, Capital/Non-Capital Assets, etc. 

Linking Asset Pools to Assets: 

You can link an asset to an Asset Pool in the "Edit Asset" pop-up dialog, which can be accessed when registering an asset for the first time, or by selecting the serial number and clicking the "Edit" button in the upper left of the Asset Info pop-up: 

In the Edit Asset screen, select from the list of company-configured Asset Pools to assign this asset to the correct category:

Select and assign this asset to the correct Pool from the drop-down list and press "OK" to save:

Filter Assets using Asset Pools:

Use the filters at the top of the Asset Manager to search for assets in a specific Asset Pool:

Creating and Editing Asset Pools: 

Asset Pools are configured in your ADMINISTRATION screen, within the "Operation Settings" folder, under the tab "Asset Pools"

To add a pool, simply type the name and click "Add Asset Pool."

To remove the pool, click the red "X" to the left of the pool name. To edit the Asset Pool name, click on the name field and begin typing.

Each Asset Pool can be linked to internal SOPs, which can be configured in the document manager. Please review the Document Manager support page for detailed information about creating folders and adding documents. Click the "Manage SOPs" shortcut on the bottom right corner of the panel to make any updates to your documents: 

Once configured, you can select the appropriate SOP by clicking the "N/A" button(s).

Select your SOP Folder to display a list of all the documents contained within the folder, and select the appropriate document for each Asset Pool category.