Qualer allows asset owners to manage and review their assets in a multitude of fashions.  Below is a detailed guide to performing searches of your assets within your Asset Manager.





"Search assets" Search Bar: 


To get started, you’ll want to be in your Asset Manager under your Asset Module.  




Your asset manager contains a list of all the assets registered in your company.  To find a specific asset, click inside the “search assets...” search bar above your Toolbox on the right of your screen.   




By selecting this bar, a text cursor will appear allowing you to search by typing your asset’s serial number or asset tag number and hitting enter.  You can also search by your asset’s bar code by scanning it while the text cursor is present.  

Note that after you complete your search, this will also update all the filter folders on the left of the screen and display an updated count for any folders that are relevant to this individual unit:  




Group Filters/Tags: 


In your Asset Manager, you can notice a few different options for filtering.  In the top right, you will see three selector buttons that help manage assets based on custodian assignments, or tool registrations.  



Click "My Assets" to refine the assets table to only include assets assigned to you as the Custodian 


Hint: Custodian assignments are managed in the Location tab of the "Edit Asset" pop-up:  


Click "Tools" to refine the displayed asset table by assets which are registered as tools, i.e. Reference Standards, Environment Sensors, and Controlled Storage.  


Note that Tools in your asset manager will also be indicated by this icon:  

Hint: You can select both "My Assets" and "Tools" at once to filter down by both categories 





In addition to this "search assets" option, you can also refine your asset table by using the filters at the top of the page.  

These filters are best used for finding assets based on groupings and/or tags generated during asset registration or from the editing of the asset profile information.  




Here you can refine your asset table by either selecting a filter and scrolling through its drop down options. Or by typing within the filter to minimize the options displayed.  




Filters can be combined to further refine the search. For example, you can search using a specific PRODUCT TYPE within a specific SITE/ Room and Department/ Custodian. 


Multiple selections within a single filter can also be selected.  To add additional categories to a filter, click on the field and select from a drop down list of all possible choices. The available choices are dependent on the configuration of the assets in your portal:  




By adding more than one filter per field you can broaden the scope of your search:  




The following filters are defined by Qualer and can either be added manually to the asset profile, or can be created automatically setting up a new asset:  

Product Type 
Company Site 


The following filters should be created and customized by your company to meet your organizational needs, and then assigned to assets by editing the asset profile:  

Asset Pool 
Assigned Vendor 


To remove single filter parameters, click the "x" to the right of the filter.  To clear your entire filter search parameters simply select "reset filters."  



Asset Status Folders:  


The Asset filter folders on the left side of the Asset Manager screen can be used to refine your assets table depending on their status.   




Click on the folders to review a list of all assets that fall within the category selected.  In each folder, you can select individual assets by clicking the adjacent check-mark.  Or select all the assets displayed on the page by selecting the check-mark at the top of the table.





Once the assets are selected, use your TOOLBOX to transfer assets, share assets, export assets to a report, bulk edit assets in excel, request service, assign assets to a maintenance plan, etc.   




Quick Collections 


To create a temporary collection of assets, use the filters or searches needed to isolate the assets you are interested in, click the adjacent check-marks to select the units, and click the "+" next to the Quick Collection folder:  






Once the assets are added to the Quick Collection folder, the number of units in that folder will be displayed. To add more assets, simply select the assets as described above, hover over the number with your mouse until it changes to a "+" again and click the plus sign: 



Now, you can easily select all units and manage this temporary collection.  The Quick Collections list will be held in your account until you remove the assets. This list is only visible to you, if you would like to share this list with another employee, Select All and click "Share Selection With..." in your TOOLBOX:   





A pop-up will appear letting you give a description of the asset list you are sharing while also including a note.