Qualer is a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant enterprise Asset and Service Management Software.  At the highest level, Qualer is a system that allows companies to better manage the service and compliance of equipment used in research and production facilities. It's a system that allows companies to define and organize assets, create maintenance plans, and work together with their customers or vendors to ensure the plans are executed effectively. Manage your assets with transparency and real-time updates, making the on-going loop of scheduling service, performing service, and reviewing certificates, a breeze. 

Qualer is committed to enabling collaboration and process efficiency within your organization.  One way we live by this vision of collaboration is by allowing all Qualer customers to sponsor their vendors and/or clients on the platform. Sponsoring your collaborators is included in your subscription costs, and enabled by your Customer Success team. 

Sponsored Qualer portals are great way to drive loyalty among your client-base by providing added value to your customers with a modern, sleek, and intuitive software solution. Those users that become sponsored by any of our valued Qualer customers receive the same customer support and training benefits our Qualer customers experience, at no additional charge.  We want you, and your vendors or clients, to be successful with the Qualer platform; which is why we never nickle and dime you when you need expert level support. While sponsored users enjoy many of the powerful asset and service management tools, they can easily upgrade to a premium subscription of Qualer at any time to utilize all of Qualer's powerful functionality.  

As a fully-subscribed Qualer user, you and your team will have access to: 

  • Role Based Access Control

  • Audit Logs 

  • Open Source Integration Capabilities

  • Sanbox Account for Training and Testing 

  • Reporting and Analytics

  • SLA and Product Development Updates

  • And many other service and asset management tools... 

In the brief overview of Qualer below, you will see how Asset Owners and Service Providers work seamlessly on the same platform to maintain compliance with all internal and external requirements.  

Company Dashboard

Whether you are an Asset Owner or a Service Provider, when you log in to your Qualer system you will first be directed to the Company Dashboard.  This Dashboard provides a high-level overview of your companies asset and service request status.  You can isolate an alert and drill down to a specific Order, Site, Asset or Status and begin to take action instantly. Your Dashboard gives you a focused view of your organization based on the level of access permitted by your assigned role.  

In addition to the high-level alerts, you will also be able to quickly navigate through your platform using the TOOLBOX on the right side of the dashboard.  These TOOLBOX shortcuts are in place to save you time by providing quick links to some of the most frequently used features in Qualer.  Your TOOLBOX will update depending on the module you are working within to provide you with the most relevant features for that Qualer process.  


As an Asset Owner, you and your team will spend the majority of your time in the ASSETS tab of your Qualer platform.  You will manage all of your existing and newly acquired equipment through the Qualer Asset Manager and the other modules within the ASSETS tab. 

Maintenance Plans

Maintenance Plans are a component of the ASSETS tab of Qualer and they are critical for optimal Client and Vendor collaboration. Each Maintenance Plan can contain a series of steps, referred to in  Qualer as Maintenance Tasks, that identify specific Service Intervals, Service Levels, and Service Providers.  As an Asset Owner, your Maintenance Tasks will trigger "Due for Service" alerts, and will also make your assets accessible to the assigned vendor.  


Quotes & Agreements

Vendor & Customer Management