The Latest Maintenance Release Updates:  

The recent maintenance addressed a problem where the Service History was not displaying entries chronologically. This glitch has been fixed, ensuring that users can now view their service records in the correct order of occurrence.

We've also added Currency support for the Colombian Peso (COP $).

The latest updates enable sorting functionality for columns in the "Select Charges" table. Users can now easily organize and view data within the table by sorting columns as needed.

Bug Fixes:  

  • Work orders created from surveys no longer default to the Client Vendor address.
  • Fixed an issue with Service History not displaying chronologically.
  • Added currency support for Columbian Peso (COP $).
  • Enabled sorting for columns in the "Select Charges" table.
  • Enabled channel names using the "|" delimiter.
  • Newly created measurement points adopt reference standards from the previous point.
  • Implemented global performance improvements.