The Latest Maintenance Release Updates: 

During our most recent maintenance release, we have integrated new elements for convenience and efficiency. We have added  a Uniform / k=sqrt(12) probability distribution option when creating uncertainty components:

We have also made an update on our API system. API: GET and PUT have been added for api/service/pricing allowing bulk editing of service pricing

Lastly, we are always trying to improve our notification system. In this case, for the "Employee Communication - Custom Order" notifications, all internal employees are now shown in the "To Email" dropdown when previewing emails.

Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed an issue with the Assets Due for Service notification sending assets from other sites.
  • Operation Settings Manage permission was expanded to cover changes to work context.
  • Corrected the warning text "Changes to this property require approval." for changes where change control policy is not gated.
  • Fixed issue with forced previously used specifications not applying correctly.
  • Re-linked maintenance plans now allow next service due dates to be modified.
  • Service hub employee assignment now enforces site specific service technicians.
  • Fixed a UI bug causing two changes for Reset Next Service Date dialog.
  • Addressed some inconsistent behavior for multi-tool selection.