The Latest Maintenance Release Updates: 

During our most recent maintenance release, we have added new fields to the maintenance plan API endpoints "/api/assets/{assetId}/plans/{maintenancePlanId}":

- Plan owner

- General Instructions

- Item Technician

- Order Assignment

- Calibration Specifications

We have also Introduced new variables that allow calibration specifications to be based on tool ranges. For example, "0.5% of nominal + 0.5% of max tool range" can now be represented as "@Nominal0.5+@ToolRangeMax0.5"

- @ToolRangeMin

- @ToolRangeMax

- @Tool2RangeMin

- @Tool2RangeMax

The following variables are now also available in uncertainty budgets:

- #ToolRangeMin

- #ToolRangeMax

- #Tool2RangeMin

- #Tool2RangeMax

Bug Fixes: 

  • Resolved a visibility issue with the model column in the "Pick From Assets" dialog.
  • Fixed a data inconsistency between the asset "History" tab and the order "History & Notes" tab.
  • Applied a fix for orders that were getting stuck in "Wait" status.
  • Corrected Service Agreement fields getting cleared when pre-selecting a vendor.
  • Selecting a maintenance plan for a service agreement will now only display relevant maintenance plans.