The Latest Maintenance Release Updates:

  • New API endpoint for ClientAssetAttributes (api/service/assets/{assetid}/attributes).
  • Specifications can now be configured based on expected value (@TestValue).
  • Tool transformations were moved to a "Transformations" tab on tools.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented management of quick collection with "Clients Assets, Manage" permission.
  • Fixed a bug with task checklist custom fields not being parsed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused calculation discrepancy between calibration form and certificates using MinMaxheader.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Asset Manager from filtering classes that contained a comma in their name.
  • Resolved an Issue that showed deleted employee in order assignments.
  • Modified "Order Sign-Off" permission to be able to close orders. 
  • Applied a fix for ServiceOrderDocuments API.