Introducing the New "Required" Work Order Item Checklists

We're excited to announce a new feature that enhances the functionality of our work order item checklist. This feature is designed to ensure that all necessary tasks are completed before an order can be finalized, which can help you enforce checklist completion.

What's New?

Required Custom Fields: You can now mark checklist items as "required". If a checklist item is designated as required, the order cannot be completed until all such checklist items are filled out.

Error Messages for Incomplete Checklists: If any required custom fields are not filled out, you'll see a message prompting you to complete all required checklist items before finalizing the order. You'll have the option to "Review Checklist" or "Cancel". Clicking on "Review Checklist" will take you directly to the checklist page.

Visual Differentiation: Required checklist items will stand out from non-required ones, making it easier for you to identify them. To make it clear that a custom field is required, we've added a RED asterisk next to the rendered custom field input (Ex: *[Control]).

Completion Restrictions: When you try to complete an order, the system will check for any missing required checklist items. If any are found, those items won't be marked as completed, and the order will remain in fulfillment. You'll also receive a notification to review all incomplete items.

For a checklist custom field to be considered "completed":

  • Integer, Double, String, Date, and DateTime fields must not be null or empty.
  • Boolean must be set to 1 or True.
  • Selected List item should be greater than 0 (Not the first option).
  • Value Lookup List index should be greater than 0 (Not the first option).

Finalize Tasks: Once all required checklist custom fields are filled out, mark the task as complete (using the green check mark). Only then can the item be finalized.

Extended Markup Syntax: We've introduced a new markup syntax for checklist custom fields. This syntax prevents a work item from being closed until a custom field is filled out or an option is selected. For instance, a symbol like "*" can be used to indicate that a checklist custom field is required. Example: [*Task1:string] [*Task2:list(---|One|Two|Three)]

How to Set Up?

Ask Qualer: To enable this feature, please file a support ticket or reach out to your customer success manager. A Qualer Administrator will be able to enable this feature.

Modify Tasks: If you want a task to be required, simply designate its custom fields by using the "Required" checkbox or by including "*" in your markup syntax.

In Conclusion

This new feature ensures that all necessary tasks are addressed before an order can be completed, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of your work processes. We hope you find this update beneficial and look forward to your feedback.

Measurement Uncertainty "Do Not Calculate Uncertainty" Option

Allows the customer to set a blank measurement uncertainty. In other words, this feature allows you to exclude the calculation of uncertainty for specific measurements providing greater flexibility.

Release Notes:

  • Fixed a bug preventing Administrators from being able to bulk edit and import price lists.
  • Fixed an issue causing Client Signatures to show up after that employee had been deleted.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented assets from showing up on "Up for Renewal" vendor agreement filter in the asset manager.
  • Fixed a bug causing cancelled orders to show up as "Current" service events in some situations on asset service records.