The Latest Feature Updates: Enhancements for a Smoother User Experience 

The Qualer team is excited to share some significant improvements in our services. Our team aims to optimize your experience, and this time around, we have targeted several areas of our system. From improved API responses to enhanced user experience, our latest updates are designed to make Qualer run more smoothly for you.

New Additions to API Responses

The Account Number will now be included in Client Company requests. This will allow for a more comprehensive overview of client information, and enable better service delivery and personalized interactions with our clientele.

Fixes & Improvements

Our development team has identified and addressed an issue that was causing problems with order item AsFound/As Left forms on large orders. These forms were not populating due to a 4-minute cloud-imposed time limit. We've corrected this issue to ensure that forms fill out as expected, reducing the delays previously experienced by our users.

Our users will also enjoy some additional changes to the user interface. Specifically, we've improved the user experience with lazy loading for manufacturer/product type dropdowns. This enhancement is expected to provide smoother navigation and a more efficient user interface.

Additionally, we've addressed a bug that caused an error when trying to export a list of service orders in the Fulfillment state. With this fix, you can now conveniently export your service orders without any hindrances.

Another issue that was addressed, was preventing asset service records from being linked to a different maintenance plan. This issue has been rectified, enabling our users to link their asset service records to their desired maintenance plans.

We also tackled a bug that was causing emails to be routed through a private email gateway instead of With this fix, all emails will now be correctly routed through, ensuring better communication and less confusion.

Our team has solved a problem that was preventing order notifications from being sent when the order had no assets. This fix ensures that all pertinent notifications are sent out appropriately, regardless of the asset status of an order.

Finally, we corrected a permissions issue with new work order creation

Stay tuned for future updates, as we continue to strive to make your user experience seamless and enjoyable. Your feedback is always welcome and helps us in making our service even better.