Enhancing the User Experience!

We're thrilled to bring you a series of new updates aimed at improving your user experience! These updates are focused on optimizing our system while also making it easier to use. In this article, we will detail these enhancements and provide instructions for their usage.

1. Optional Notes for Order Reverting

When reverting an order from "Sign Off" back to "Quality Control", you may now add optional notes. This feature may be accessed via a comment box added to the work status change confirmation dialog. Use this option to provide clarity about the reasons for status change and facilitate better communication among team members.

2. Work Status Filter Improvements

To make bulk status changes more streamlined, our work status filter now hides statuses that are not applicable. This quality of life improvement will prevent users from attempting to switch to a status that their permissions do not allow. This eliminates unnecessary error messages and enhance the workflow.

3. Introduction of the 'Change Management' Role

For customers using change control, we have created a new role named 'Change Management'. This role can be enabled for employees who are authorized to approve/reject changes. Previously, these permissions were tied to the 'asset create' and 'asset manage' roles, which may have caused confusion. This new role ensures clearer, more precise control over change approvals.

4. New Notification Template Variables

We have added two new variables to our Notification Template: "SurveyNumberUrl" and "SurveyNameUrl". When these variables are used in a notification, they will display as clickable links. The text for these hyperlinks will be either: Survey Number or the Survey Name. They will provide quick access to the relevant surveys.

5. Addition of 'Closed' Status for Work Item Flows

To better manage your work item flows, we have introduced a "Closed" status. This new status works similarly to the "Locked" status, preventing modifications of readings and tasks once the work item is closed. We implemented this to address the need for a Completed+Locked logic, thus providing a more refined control over the workflow.

We hope these updates improve your experience and make your work more efficient. Should you need further assistance or clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

We hope you enjoy these changes to the system!