Streamlining Your Workflow!


We are pleased to announce a set of new system updates designed to improve your efficiency and overall user experience. This article outlines each of these changes and explains how they will help you optimize your operations.


1. "Send Email" From Work Order:

When using the "Send Email" feature from the Work Order, customers now have the option to select all documents and attach them all at once before reviewing and sending. This enhancement streamlines the emailing process, saving you time and ensuring that no important document is missed out in your communications.


2. Visualization of Pending Results:

With this new update, pending 'As Found' and 'As Left' results arrows will now be visible and greyed out. This change applies to orders, order items, and asset service records, ensuring that users are fully aware of the status of each service record.



3. Edit Dialog for Asset Attribute Names:

Qualer has introduced a new edit dialog for asset attribute names. Previously, changing the capitalization of asset attribute names could revert to the initial capitalization if the text did not change. With this update, your changes in capitalization will be correctly maintained, enhancing the accuracy and consistency of your records.


4. Product Type Dropdown Improvements:

This update also includes improvements to the product type dropdown across the platform. Qualer is dedicated to making the selection process as clear and simple as possible, ensuring that you can easily find and select the correct product types. We have added parent categories (in grey) to each child category and private categories are now displayed with a key icon.



We hope these updates will further enhance your experience and make your work more efficient. If you need further assistance or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.