Task Checklist Improvements 

We’ve added the ability to configure the results section of the work order checklist in a few ways: 

Now you can hide As Found and As Left Notes at all from your checklist, or you can override default drop-down notes 

You can set this up by going to ADMINISTRATION>Service Capabilities>select Service Capability you need> Checklists & Procedures. Here you can see two new checkboxes: 


By selecting “Hide AsFound/AsLeft Notes” your Work Order Checklist will look like this:


By selecting “Override Default Notes” you can specify what exactly do you want to have in As Found/As Left dropdowns: 



Maintenance Plans Search Bar In Client Accounts


Great news for Service Providers! We’ve added a search bar in the maintenance plan area on each Client account! 



New Order Headers 


When new service order is initiated without knowledge about assets or client/vendor, display this selection (and hide the rest of the order controls): 


Client Service Order button should only appear when Is Service Provider flag is set on the company. It should open a list of clients to select from. Once the client is selected, the order goes to the "Client Service Order" screen with the client pre-selected and the service provider is set to my company.


Internal Service Order button should only appear when Is Internal Service Provider flag is set on the company. When clicked, a selection of internal employees/departments should appear. Once selected, the order goes to the "Internal Service Order" state, and the client company is preselected to be my company. 


Vendor Service Request button brings up the vendor selection dialog. If my company is a sponsored client, then the vendor dialog should not appear, but my sponsoring vendor should be selected immediately. The title should switch to "New Service Request". 


In case, when the client is sponsored and neither the Internal Service Order nor Client Service Order buttons are available, then the vendor service request becomes the only option and the only vendor to be selected is the sponsoring vendor. So this whole selection screen should not even appear. 


The header of the new work order after the initial order type selection should look like this (the title will change depending on the selected option): 


Client Management 

The new drop-down to associate vendor's employee as an account manager for the client (similar to Account Representative) has been added: 



Maintenance Plans 


Maintenance Task has a new look now to prevent accidental changing of service Interval: