Work Item Level Custom Notifications 

Our valued customers were looking to have custom notifications for various work item status changes. So, when a work item is changed into a particular status, an email can be automatically sent to specified users. 

As a solution for this request, we developed a custom email template type "Employee Communication - Work Status Change" in the ‘Direct Communication’ section of Notification Settings. 


This would be the space to configure the custom template that would be auto-emailed to users. 

Create a template: 

Then, go to the Work Item Flow screen, where your templates can be assigned to custom statuses. This would also be where employees are specified that should receive the notifications. 


Custom Client Communications 

We have also added the ability to create a custom notification with one of the following 3 types: 


Client Asset Communication - Custom Asset  

Client Asset Communication - Custom Asset Due  

Client Order Communication - Custom Service Order  


These new templates should then appear in Send Email to Customers links related to Assets Due/Past Due, Assets in general, and Orders respectively.  


Survey Notification Email Templates 

In order to have the ability to modify the automatic emails that are sent to the submitter once a survey submission is sent, we have created the Survey Notification Templates. 

Client Communication - Survey Response Submitted: 
Sent when a new survey is submitted to the submitter if the email is entered on the last page of the survey. 

Client Communication - Survey Status Changed and Vendor Communication - Survey Status Changed: 
Sent when survey status is changed by the vendor