This version release has introduced some improvements to how you can manage clients in Qualer.

Display areas in Client Accounts 

When using areas for clients, the area will appear as a label on the client account page. To learn how to configure areas here.


This label will also appear on the Work Order page 

This area can be used as a filter on the Work Orders screen


Company Attributes

Client company attributes are a way to create user defined fields of information attached to a client. To create client company attributes, navigate to the configuration page in the Administration screen

Once in the configuration screen, click Custom Attributes then click Add Attribute to create a new client attribute.

The following pop-up window will appear to build out the attribute. 

Name = attribute name 

Attribute Type = the input type for the value. The available types fields are:

  • Number - only accepts a number
  • Decimal - only accepts a decimal
  • String - accepts numbers and letters
  • Text - only accepts letters
  • Multiselect - must input multiple options (in valid responses) that can be selected via checkboxes
  • Selector - must input multiple options (in valid responses) and only one can be selected as a response
  • Checkbox – a boolean check mark
  • Drop down - a drop down list with choices. (when setting up list include “," as a deliminator for each item in the drop-down) 
  • Date - shows a calendar icon to select a date
  • Time - shows a time icon to select a time
  • Email - requires an email in the format
  • Phone - requires a phone number in the format (555)555-5555
  • Label – just a readable question or informational piece


Default Value = the value that will be populated when resetting to default

Valid Values = only values that can be input

Width = character width of the value fields


There is also Client Site attributes that can be configured in the same way. To create Client Site attributes, select the drop down and click Add Attribute

Once all appropriate fields are completed, click Save. Now let’s navigate to a client account to view the attributes. Click into a customer then click the Account tab > Client Attributes


Here you can populate values into the configured client attributes. On this screen you have the ability to filter based on the client site as well as attribute name.

The Reset to Default Values feature works on the currently displayed sites and attributes. If any of the displayed attributes have a default value specified, it should be set to that value.

Additional Invoice and Collections Filters

The additional filters of 'No Charge' and 'Overpaid' have been added to the Invoices & Collections screen.