Custom product taxonomies allows users to configure the Qualer Product Categories and Subcategories to their preferred liking. The custom product taxonomy gives users the ability to:

  • Create private categories and subcategories
  • Hide unused categories

This will affect how the category drop downs are shown when adding a new Product as well as the product type options in various filters, like in the asset manager and service capabilities. The new Product Taxonomy Manager layout found by hovering over the Products module. When a product category is selected in the tree, a panel with asset counters will appear on the right. Additional features include the following:

  • Root categories have bold font
  • My Company categories (private categories) have a "key" icon indicating that a user can edit this category
  • Parts & Accessories categories are displayed in green
  • Deleted items are displayed as crossed out

The counters panel has links to the Asset Manager (Company Assets), Managed Assets (Client Assets), and Product Manager (Products) for easy filtering. It will automatically apply the Product Type filter to these screens.

Add/Edit Category Dialog

After clicking on a product category, the Toolbox has many options to edit and delete in addition to adding a new private categories:

Areas in the Product Taxonomy Screen

Areas are available to be associated with product categories in the taxonomy screen for easier filtering. These areas are defined in Administration > Operation Settings > Areas tab. There is now a checkbox to assign areas to taxonomies. More about Areas is within this article: Operation Settings.

The Taxonomy Manager will display areas on the left panel if areas are defined. To add a category to the Area, click on the category then the + button to the right of the Area

All information about Product Taxonomy you can find here: Product Taxonomy