Add Sorting and Filtering to Past Due View for Client Assets

Service providers can now filter the client past due assets under Service > Managed Assets. To adjust the applied date filter, click 'Within X days'. A small pop-up window will appear, adjust the dates/days accordingly. Qualer will show how many assets are past due during that date range out of the total number of past due assets. To sort by either Last Service Date or Service Due Date, click the bold column headers listed in the table.

You can learn more about Client Asset Manager here

Copy Existing Asset to Create New Asset

Users can now copy an existing asset to create a new asset. Assets can be copied in either the 'Asset Manager' or 'Client Asset Manager' (i.e. the Assets tab in a client account). To begin, navigate to the 'Asset Manager' or 'Client Asset Manager'. Locate the asset you would like to copy and click the checkmark. Next, click 'Replicate / Copy Asset' from the Toolbox section at the right-side of the screen.

A confirmation window will appear. Click 'OK'

Now the Edit Asset screen appears. All data fields on the 'Identification', 'Location', 'Lifecycle', 'Service' and 'Attributes' tabs are copied exactly. You can modify all information prior to saving the new asset.

More information about Registering New Asset is here

New Maintenance Tab View in Asset Information Screen

There is a new view of the Maintenance Tab in the Asset Information screen. 

The dates in the columns are as follows:
  • Last Service = The Completion Date from the last completed asset service record
  • Service Due = The Next Service Date from the last completed asset service record. If there is no completed asset service record linked to the maintenance plan (i.e. no record is in the History tab of the asset and linked to the maintenance plan), it will show the forecast date (initial service date)
  • Current Service = The new asset service record submission date for the order the asset is currently on
  • If there are no service records and no initial date set, a message "Initial date not set" will show

Multiple Asset Users

Users will now have the ability to associate multiple employees to 1 asset. Employees associated with the asset will get the same benefits as an asset custodian:

1. Ability to see assets under "My Assets" filter in Asset Manager

2. Receive notifications from the "My Assets" group

3. Select these tools from the "My Tools" tab in the fulfillment UI when selecting a tool in as found or as left

4. Display these tools at the top of the list in the Work Calendar

To assign a user, click Edit on an asset to open the 'Edit Asset' screen. Click the 'Location' tab. Click into the 'Users' field to select from the employee list.

Reference Value in Tool Ranges

A new field has been added to the tool range - Reference Value. The reference value can be used to automatically set the expected value when creating a measurement form. An example where this can be used are weight standards - the nominal may be 10 grams, but the weight standard actually weighs 9.985 grams. In this case the reference value and the expected value would be 9.985 grams.

More about Tools - here